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Bridal Boudoir Teaser | Tulsa, Oklahoma

As many of you know outdoor boudoir has my heart. I am a giddy mess every time I am able to take the reigns and venture outdoors to a

Georgia Cotton Field Family Session

I have been planning to share this sweet Georgia cotton field session for months!  Now that I am finally around to it I couldn’t be

Valentine’s Day Boudoir

We are thrilled to announce our Valentine’s Day Boudoir special! We wait all year in anticipation for these awesome

Mountain Tablescape

A little nostalgia today. I still swoon over this gorgeous session in the Wichita Mountains. I still count this bridal boudoir

Bridal Boudoir Session | Tulsa, Oklahoma Boudoir Photographer | Jesseca Coppedge Photography

  This bridal boudoir session is to die for! Beautiful lingerie, gorgeous light, and a brave woman.  

Maternity Session |Columbus Georgia Photographer | Jesseca Coppedge Photography

In June I traveled from Columbus, Georgia to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the birth of my newest nephew, baby Tanner. Before his arrival we

Isabella 3 year session | Columubs GA Photographer

Isabella turned three years old on March 2nd. She loves flowers, hot wheels, and helping mom in the garden..and by helping I mean picking